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Making dolls is just one of my many hobbies.  If you love dolls,
 miniatures, cross stitch, embroidery, bead knitting, lace making etc,  
have a browse around my website


The 5 dolls below will be for sale on Ebay on 
  Friday 28 April 

The auction will run till Monday 8 May


Cassandra Nancy Hazel Molly Rose Juliette
Cassandra Nancy Hazel Molly Rose Juliette

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Dates and times vary in some countries with different time zones so please check the auction to see when it finishes in your area!!




Clementine crazy patchwork skirtScroll down to see more dolls


Please Note:  I am not taking orders for dolls, I only sell on Ebay 

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    The dolls below have  sold on Ebay

Anna Violet Clementine Claudia Gretal
Gloria angelique Anna Miranda Bianca Lady Eleanor 0
Clementine Jessica Lady Josephine Miss Daisy Prudence Lara Rose
Sophia Andrea Bride Andrea Bride Sarah Emillie Louisa
Nicholina Camilla Miss Daisy Claudia Anna Rachel
Stephanie Alicia Louisa Lamour Angelique Hazel
Aimee Eva angelique Bronwyne Lady Caroline Miss Daisy
Miss Elizabeth Rose Eva Lynne Paula Janine Lara Rose
Rosina Marcia Cherie Violet Eva Abigail Pattern
Ivy Rose Anna Miss Elizabeth Rose Sarah Moira Abigail

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Half Dolls

 (Porcelain Pin Cushion and Tassel Dolls) 

Lady Elizabeth JaneIf you would like to create a stunning heirloom and you love  needlepoint, beadwork and  ribbon work, bead knitting, cross stitch, egg crafting, smocking, quilting, in fact all types of needlework, then this is the site for you!


Miniature Dolls

a_Stacy.jpg (94482 bytes)Making miniature dolls is one of my favourite hobbies. Check out the Gallery page to see some of my finished miniatures & half dolls



Half Dolls

juliette10.jpg (114818 bytes)Half dolls were very popular at the beginning of the 1900s.  They graciously adorned  items such as pincushions, tassels, tea cosies, lamps, brooch holders, feather dusters, small boxes, powder puffs, milk jug covers, perfume bottles, cushions, framed collages, and pot pourri. Check out the Gallery to see the work of other artists

Suzanne by Rose.jpg (170965 bytes)
The dolls can be decorated using knitted beads (left), cross stitch, silk ribbon work, beads, patchwork/quilting, doilies and beautifully dyed lace. The list is endless and  only limited by your imagination.  It is a very addictive hobby



Prudence dressed by Sherri.jpg (71651 bytes)Made of fine  porcelain,  they are elegant dolls with  beautiful faces and features. 




Pearl tassel.jpg (40327 bytes)
They make lovely decorations to hang on doors, hang from  pictures on the wall, wardrobe doors, dressing tables or attach to your cabinet or cabinet keys.







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If you have any queries regarding the dolls please contact me by email  or, if you are like me and your hobbies are miniatures, half dolls, bead knitting, cross stitch, miniature needlepoint or bobbin lace making, drop me a line - I would love to hear from you!!